Thursday, October 7, 2010


I patronise this store quite often and buy the occasional ... gadget. So when the monitor went wrong I couldn't resist an affectionate shot. The word gadget is mostly defined as an small mechanical or electronic contrivance, often unnecessary. I like gadgets and look for useful ones, so I disagree. The etymology of the word is also doubtful with many rival explanations. Some years ago my own psychotherapist said to me "You do like your gadgets don't you?" It was a statement not a question and perfectly accurate. The important quality of the gadget is that it performs a set of operations which bring some quality closer to our needs or desires. It should function independently and be relatively easy to install. That lets programmable radio clocks out I guess. So consider what is your favourite gadget and why? What useful service does it perfom in your life and could you do without it?