Thursday, October 14, 2010

Good enough shot, good enough plant

Oh yes, the October sky was just like this. The shot is polarised a bit, to pick up the deep hue. When I saw the plant, I just snapped quickly and knew that, for preference, the lens could have been different - or could it? Yet in the end, the shot was "good enough". When psychotherapists talk about good enough, they mean that it is adequate to the job. It is neither supreme excellence, nor in any way dreadful. If this blog aimed for technical brilliance every time, probably the project would fail. Other things would suffer - regularity being one. Some analysts argue that the use of the term "excellence" in current times, compromises what is good about things. Child psychotherapist and object relations theorist, Donald Winnicott argued for the "good enough parent". We cannot demand excellent parenting. What would we mean anyway, or want? Parents are real people with positive and negative attributes. All that we can ask from them, and indeed expect, is "good enough". This rogue plant fighting to live on a stone wall is good enough. The photograph is good enough. And what we should expect from a psychotherapist is that he or she is good enough.