Sunday, October 17, 2010

Grafton Fire Dreams

I do not know what alarm had prompted the fire brigade to call in on Grafton Street. But the fire engine itself made an imposing presence. We are naturally afraid of the consuming properties of fire and take due precautions - including employing firefighters, surely the most popular heroes of the public services. The fire engine is also enduring and should surely be a recognised symbol because it subsumes many symbols. From the engine's deep red colour to the helmets of the firefighters and the deeply symbolic, pressurised water hoses, the fire engine carries a whole host of meanings. Not to mention the ladders, pumps, the giant wheels and the visible and audible warning systems. Almost all of the elements are thus represented - fire, water, earth and air. A full examination would take more than one blog. But if you dream of fire engines, think of what purpose is being served in the dream narrative. Is the ladder being used to ascend? Or are the water hoses being employed to put out a fire. And where are you in relation to these actions? Were you active or passive? What was the feeling tone of the dream - was there anxiety or elation? Finally, what do firemen mean to you? That said, I was rather pleased with this photograph and the fact that I was noticed and a fireman gave me a cheery wave. Thank you.