Wednesday, October 27, 2010

The Happiness of the Red Plant

Of the Autumn colours I think this is one my favourite. The red of this bush gets very prominent in the neighbourhood and then goes through quite a transition. When it's as vibrant as this, the stalk and leaves look happy. I think any kind of fiery coloured bush is associated with the Burning Bush of the Old Testament and hence the presence of God. But symbols are ambivalent. The idea that such bushes hold a treasure inside was associated in medieval times with passionate love. Plants also suck up the strength from the ground and attract solar energy - fire from two sources. So these dazzling reds are both stimulating and irresistible. The colour of fire and blood. Dreaming of particular colours is quite common. Someone once told me he had dreamt a new colour, although it was quite impossible for him to communicate what it looked like! Archetypically, the shade of red might be important. Bright red is often the colour of flags and social movements whilst dark red may be associated with warnings - like the red of traffic signals, or more mysteriously, of libido and sexuality. So if the colour red appears in a dream, it could be a good starting point to first determine the shade, then the associations to that particular red. In the meantime I will think of the red in the photograph, the plant's vibrant red of life.