Thursday, October 28, 2010

Shadow Dancing

It could have been "dancing in the rain", the title for this shot. Well, I do like this photographic effort, but as usual there was an element of fortuna about it. Every day is a good day perhaps, but when you are returning from work this sudden turn in the weather is unwelcome. On the other hand, it's a pleasure then, to get back to the comfort of home, heating and warm, dry clothes. I have mentioned Jung's shadow concept as consisting of the dark areas of the unconscious, unrecognised and unintegrated. But the shadow concept varies from culture to culture. The shadow consists of "unpremeditated actions" says Chinese philosopher Li Tzu, and has no independent existence. Yet one of the most interesting traditions is that selling your soul to the devil relieves you of any shadow at all. The person stops existing, has no soul and casts no shadow whatsoever. I think this fits well with the Jungian hypothesis that 90% of the shadow is pure gold for the self (if recognised and integrated). But look - if you trade with the devil there is no gold, merely a transmutation. Perhaps that's gold to lead - but the major question of transmutation to what, I will leave with the reader. My shadow-casting subjects in the photo are in no trouble at all. I love the spectacle of their silhouettes and shadow dance in the car headlights.