Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Paper and Stars

At the cash desk in the toy shop, I looked down and saw this interesting assembly. With a wide angle lens, I sometimes have to be careful that there are no feet in the shot! Wrapping paper is so nice, yet it's usually discarded following the unwrapping of a gift. Some thrifty individuals open wrapped gifts with care, then save and reuse the paper. Others tear open the paper covering with abandon! The symbolism of paper relates to either the texture or to whatever is written or illustrated on the surface. And the way the paper is folded can be magical as in Japan. But since paper is so fragile, it is said to be, at best, a mere representation of some other reality. The Chinese term, paper tiger, is a good example. That is something like the English saying, its bark is worse than its bite. Yet one reality refers to another, so it's best to remember that there is a bark. A bit like a gift, paper is not entirely harmless.