Thursday, October 14, 2010

Solitary Rose

The blog is still in its celebration of autumn. I found this very close by and was struck by the way the rose had hung on to a single bloom. Most of its leaves had gone and all that remained was this nice pink flower. As a flower, the rose is unparalleled in symbolism and denotes life, the soul, heart and love. In India it is the cosmic triparasundari and represents the beauty of the Divine Mother. In the Muslim world, the rose garden is the place of contemplation and in classical Greece roses were scattered on graves as a symbol of regeneration. They called this ritual, the Rosalia. The Christan world adopted the rose around the 7th century. Despite the distinction between white and red roses - the sacred and the profane, purity and passion - roses became the symbol of of a love that was pure. But I rather like the fact that it was a favourite of the alchemists - the Rosary of the Philosophers. In their work, their objectives were characterised by colour. The objective of the first stage was linked to white stone and white roses whilst the red was that of the red stone or red roses. The blue rose symbolically denoted the impossible!