Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Sunny Baggot Street

Oh I do like this shot, simply because it's kind of an old fashioned snapshot and there is, of course, a story attached. I was further down the street and noticed that there was potential for a colourful shot with the school girls passing on the pavement. I hurried ahead to the nearest pub, sat in the corner and waited. But they saw me and posed. The group crouched in for the usual snapshot but I had a wide angle lens. I ushered them closer but the second shot wasn't half as good as the first! It's a real sunny October, good-natured shot. Now the sun is a symbol of substance because it makes things apparent by distributing rays of light. Maybe because of the school connection, I am thinking of the rays of light as intellectual knowledge. Heliopolis is the City of the Sun, a name given to primal spiritual centres. That is cosmic intellect, the faculty of knowing. Both Vishnu and the Buddha have the sun as an emblem. And in some countries the sun is regarded as female because there, the female principle is the active one - the Sun Goddess in Japan and in South Vietnam. Because of illumination, psychoanalysis may also view the sun as the symbol of enlightenment, shedding light on the unconscious, or bringing unconscious contents into the light. My thanks to the young women for the shot.