Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Donnybrook Autumn

The photograph hasn't been cropped much. I left the image wide because it gave an idea of "empty" space. I also rejected other images of the same space with more vehicles. The image is bleak because of the "emptiness". A person might be daunted to traverse this space. but in what sense can it be considered empty? There are road surfaces, boundary hedges, trees, railings, street signs and a truck. The image is really quite full of stuff to which I have a relationship. I can't get out of that. And empty or full, welcoming or unwelcoming, pleasurable or painful, that is all so much about the Ego. But this space seems to have left the body behind - even though people with bodies made the lot - surfaced the road, planted the trees and hedges, painted lines and erected signs. All the signs of people have been stripped away in a world where manufactured things are taken for granted. This urban space is repetitive and most of the things in it are made through repetitive actions. This in itself is not far from the repetitiveness of our daily lives - work, speech, newspapers, television. and the unconscious reproduction of ourselves and our relationships. This space and society try to convince us they aren't repetitive, but seem to fail in the process.