Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Elektra's Fuse

This old fashioned fuse box was lying in a pile of debris in a driveway on Wellington Road. These fuses have long been superseded by circuit breakers and associated switchgear, but they are reassuringly chunky. This one looks quite old, since it has exposed circuitry - no longer regarded as safe. The word electricity has only the vaguest connection with Elektra, the mythological counterpart of Oedipus. But why should I let that stop me? It was Jung that coined the term Elektra Complex, whereas Freud was not enthusiastic at all and spoke of negative Oedipus. But in my opinion it was Jung who had the edge in psychiatric hospital practice and had clearly witnessed the daughterly sexual attachment to the father and envy of the mother. Elektra organised her brother into killing her mother Clytemnestra in vengeance for her mother's own treacherous murder of her father Agamemnon. So it's not quite the same as Oedipus and not terribly electric really! But maybe electric enough was another version where Zeus is rejected by Elektra and hurls down the Palladium (where Elektra had sought aid) from heaven in a terrible rage. That is electric. Maybe Elektra is all about rejection?