Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Forgotten Pig

This shot was in my archives - I had forgotten about it, I really don't know why. Perhaps because it seems a little sad? There was a promotion at the Shopping Centre and the display was being dismantled. I remember that I was quite sorry to miss whatever it was! Maybe a reader will remember. If so please write. The symbolism of pigs is very consistent across cultures. No matter where you are, the pig symbolises gluttony, greed, excess - even ignorance. They can be dirty, selfish, wicked and depraved. That's a lot of baggage for a pig to carry all on its own - even if it does like to roll around - as St Clement of Alexandria points out - in "filth and dung". I believe they are quite intelligent creatures, so I am pleased that the Vietnamese regard the sow with her large litters as a symbol of plenty. The renowned sorceress Circe (daughter of (Helios and Perse) was given to changing her guests into animals. But she reserved for her suitors, the privilege of being turned into swine. She bore a son to Odysseus, who stayed for a while and somehow managed to survive the fate of her other guests! There was a point though. Through touching the guests with her wand, she would change them into an animal that was in line with their character. So best to be a good person if you dined with her.