Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Fruits of the Forest

The dish has gathered these various times for some time now and has stuck around, changing as years go by. Occasionally something looks a little the worse for wear and is removed. But new things arrive periodically. The dish looked pretty in the light one day and I decided to take some photographs. I took many but this was the very first attempt! Chestnuts were thin on the ground this year and it was very noticeable, because usually the streets around the neighbourhood are covered in them. Many years ago, children who played conkers would have walked miles and fought tooth and nail to get to them first. Now it appears as if no one is interested in the old customs and "conkers" are left to decay. Always the symbol of abundance and plenty, fruits are the positive side of the forest. The forest can also be seen by psychoanalysis as the unconscious and hence a container of the shadow, yet it remains a feminine symbol - the great mother, because it is also a symbol of rebirth and the cycle of life. There are many people who acknowledge they are unable to understand their parents. This is common enough and no cause for particular concern! But when I hear it, I am drawn to think of the psyche as the deep and impenetrable forest - and the meetings of the unconscious in close relationships.