Thursday, November 25, 2010

Of Gods, Pigs and Beer

I had been promising myself that I would take some night shots close by - near the Balls Bridge over the River Dodder. Now the technique for a successful night shot is not to wait until it's very dark. It is more successful if you proceed as the night is falling. Dusk is the better proposition so if you look at the top left hand of the picture you'll see the sky isn't that black. All the same, I was reminded about how difficult it was to get night exposures right. So for the technically minded, its f5.6 at 1/20th of a second. That's slow - but I rested the camera on a wall! The symbol for today is beer of course. I'll stick to Ireland and the Celts initially, because Queen Maebh was well known and admired for her drunkenness. It was mead that was reserved for the priestly caste, not beer. Beer was the preferred drink of warriors. But it was Welsh King Berwyn who had some bother when brewing up a concoction of mead, honey and flowers. He was horrified when a wild boar foamed a bit and dribbled into his mixture. This duly fermented and the result was beer. So you see, the pig isn't half bad when you think about it. And despite the bad press in my last blog, the pig does seem to have been adopted by Celtic Gauls - who had their very own pig God, Moccus. Perhaps it was he!