Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Snow Patrol

The snow makes life a little difficult for photography since exposures are likely to be altered. You have to over expose for subjects in any shots which are predominantly snow. The camera meter adjusts for the light reflected by all that white surface and you may certainly forget any thoughts of using automatic. There is a lot of nonsense talked in Internet digital photo tutorials so beware. If you want your subject correctly exposed, increase the exposure or take a reflected spot reading and always, always use manual. Sometimes the snow goes a bit blue so make sure. Either it's a white balance error - or it really is a bit blue in the shadows. Remember that soap manufacturers sometimes add a little blue to make washing seem "really white". OK now that's out of the way, I liked the way the snow had clung to the bark of the tree so I opted to capture the moment. I wanted to fill the background slightly so it was opportune to press the shutter when I heard a car coming my way. It was making a swishing sound in the snow and it occurred to me that we are used to sound the way it is "normally". But snow seems to have a muting effect on sounds. Things go quiet. So here's a little experiment you can try out for now. Stop for a minute and just listen. What sounds can you hear? Are they a bit muffled? Anything different? You may find "just listening" rather soothing.