Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Street Furniture

I shot this image as an antidote to yesterday's shot. The weather changed but not the built environment. Although it looks nice and green, there isn't much here that is ""natural". Even the trees are carefully selected and nurtured for the urban environment. The street furniture, parking meters, lampposts and parking signs are all part and parcel of what we expect to find in the city. They are usually couched in terms of dos and dont's - interdictions that we must obey to comply with the space. As such, the spaces are a long way from old open ones, which were marked by directions. These served to allow us to better cross the territory. But this is the territory and these are the rules by which we engage with the space. I deliberately placed the human subject amongst the various pillars between which he appears restricted. It is almost as if this neighbourhood space decides what shall happen to the human being, rather than the opposite. The space has been produced and then human subjects must live within its rather repressive limitations. What seems like a pleasant enough scene comprises mostly verticals that work to produce merely tedium. It is as if yesterday's shot is more lifelike and real than this one.