Sunday, November 14, 2010

Sunday Strollers in The Garden of Eden

I usually stay away from park photography. This is because when I had documentary work, helpful residents would guide me to a place where I could take "nice" photographs. This was usually the local park and indeed the park was usually very nice. People like their local park. and so they should. But if my task was the built environment, parks weren't for me - even if they are constructions. Is it perhaps because there is more of an effort to deconstruct the park and its relationships? So how does one or another subject perceive the park? Certainly not in the same way - as I appear to be demonstrating. I rather doubt that my strollers were sharing similar perceptions to me. Parks are always symbolically attached to the Garden of Eden - they are paradises on earth with lakes, fountains and cupolas. They seem to hark back to notions of original nature - somehow innocent and pure, despite my critique. But look, these were farmlands gifted by the Earl of Pembroke for the Irish International Exhibition in 1907. The park was constructed thereafter, so the strollers are walking through what remains of that original site.