Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Why a Duck?

A very traditional shot, this one - and none the worse for that, I suppose. I did like the blue of the pond and naturally the duck wouldn't come any closer due to the lack of bread question! The pond was a thick, soupy confection that I hope I managed to catch. Ducks are not quoted in Celtic mythology whatsoever and they seem to be treated in the same way as swans. There is little evidence to the contrary and despite the existence of duck shapes in art, the pictorial evidence seems to conflate duck, goose and swan. In the East however, things are very different. because the duck and drake go around together (I nearly said "swan around"). Ducks are the symbol of marriage and ultimately the life force. I do recall that "duckie "is a popular term for an intimate aquaintance in the North of England. American Indians are also rather keen on ducks because they are very happy on the water and in the air. Ducks are regarded as guides, and their feathers are also used in their religious ceremonies. Cliched or not, I rather like my duck.