Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Marina: In Memoriam

Death of a much loved friend is very difficult to accept for all of us. It is of course a symbol and like most symbols, ambivalent. I have to acknowledge the permanent conclusion of a very positive thing, in this case, a person who meant a lot to me. I like to think of Death as the Daughter of the Night and the Sister of Sleep. For the person who has lived a good life, Death unlocks the Gates and admits them to the realm of light which is everlasting. That is Death as a symbol - and surely refers to cycles and regeneration. At the same time I am forced to accept that as a human being I am perishable and impermanent. The pain of the loss of my friend can only be endured. No talk of regeneration makes that any better for me. But I am here and I can try to move forward with the values and qualities I admired in my friend Marina.