Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Signals in the Snow

It was not expected for the snow to stay this long. It's not normally the way. We always expect things to go on "normally as normal" and we get frustrated if they don't. We are also unprepared for events that are outside this "normal" zone. So when the snow comes in Ireland, especially in November, we are surprised. I was emerging from a book shop in Dawson Street and the snow had started to get heavy. As I rounded the corner onto Kildare Street, it had begun to cause difficulties, which the police officer was trying to sort out. There was much skidding and lack of traction. Buses couldn't deal with the inclines and came to a halt. Naturally, the world didn't come to an end, although the snow did cause inconvenience. Unexpected difficulties are part and parcel of a psychotherapist's work. But it's more about the client's capacity to deal with difficulties - because there will always be difficulties of some kind. The police officer is dealing with the difficulties by "getting on with things". We all have the capacity to do this, if only we but realised it. Sometimes we need a helping hand to mobilise what we already possess within ourselves.