Friday, December 17, 2010

Still Missing

Apologies to readers because there haven't been many blogs for a while. This is because of broadband difficulties, now resolved. I know readers do check in, so it was becoming worrisome to me. When I was out in the street this evening, I was reminded of a far more important absence. Some ten years ago, a young man went missing in my neighbourhood. Since then, there has been no trace of Trevor Deely. But his family and friends have never given up their search. I am periodically reminded he was never found and, perhaps because of the committed local campaign to find Trevor, I feel some kind of loss for someone I have not met. Loss is difficult to deal with. In the case of bereavement we know the person has departed and we have rituals and ceremonies to help us accept permanent absence. But when we do not know what has happened, it is perhaps harder to bear the pain of separation. Yet in these cases, hope also remains. This is a quote from the Facebook page "The (family) still keep up hope that he is alive, and although there is a service for Trevor Deely every year in a Naas church, they do not call it a memorial service." I hope it is established what happened to Trevor.