Wednesday, December 29, 2010

These Legs are made for Dreaming

I am uncertain what was on the road that made the cobbles and puddle this orange colour. But it certainly caught my attention. The owners of the legs hurried past, kindly trying not to spoil my photograph. In so doing, they somehow made the shot. Sometimes the most extraordinary things can be seen in the most ordinary of circumstances. It’s quite a dreamy image, so naturally dreams come to mind! I was reminded of the film industry term, “legs”. If a film “has legs”, then it is considered to be a work that will last commercially. The film is likely to play in theatrical venues for longer than would normally be the case. The cult film “The Blues Brothers” was not initially a box office success. Yet it achieved a status that gave it “legs” and it remains popular some thirty years after its release. So if you dream of legs it might signify that something you are doing might be a lasting achievement. Are they your legs or someone elses? Where are you walking? Take all these things into consideration, but remember that legs are primarily for getting around. What is your path and where are the legs taking you?