Friday, January 7, 2011

Righteous Partners

Like the toy balloons in the previous blog, statues depend pretty much on projections. They are whatever values we require them to carry. But I couldn't figure out whether these statues above were any particular Gods or historical figures. I think they were generic and hence represent something at an archetypal level. "Man" sees himself very much as an essential part of the cosmos and so man is at one and the same time a symbol and a copy of the universe in miniature. Everyone born is, in some way, the universe recreated. The statue of man is rooted in the earth but reaches towards the sky - both flesh and spirit. Now the statue horse in this position does not step (as in many traditions) out of the world of darkness. This horse is indeed a creature of light in the hands of Gods, Goddesses and heroes. It represents mastery and sublimation of the instincts and hence is "the noblest conquest of mankind". This horse is an epic horse isn't it? It is standing on par with the human. It is untethered, unridden or directed - but definitely the two creatures are together. It is when the horse is ridden that it becomes ambivalent - a creature of the light and the darkness and places in between. To me, these two look like they may do righteous battle together.