Monday, January 10, 2011

Silent Light

This is just outside St Peter's and it's early in the evening just after Christmas. I was initially reluctant to get my camera out of the bag for the shot. And I wasn't altogether prepared to be persuaded that the shot would work. Nevertheless, a handy fence presented itself and I gave way, committing to a long and very approximate time exposure. I wanted the figures to be blurred in the ghostly way that's typical of old street photographs - and I got half my wish. But I was pleased! Despite the bustle of Rome and its many tourists, these streets had a very particular sound. There were only pedestrians going about their business and somehow the light and the sound in the scene combined in a synesthetic relationship. One could almost hear the light. There are no filters in use, so the starbursts around the street lights are just a dialogue between the street lights and the lens.