Sunday, January 16, 2011

Stairway Down

Well, when I saw this I thought it looked bleak. But it was the complex of bars, rails and steps that took my interest. I also thought that it would illustrate the positive and negative aspects of symbols. (Just for the technically minded, I used a filter to achieve the speckled look although it looked fairly stark anyway.) This is the entrance to an office block that in all likelihood was hastily erected during the boom years and never occupied. Symbolically, stairs have two clear meanings depending on whether they are ascending or descending. A stairway up is, of course, an ascent to the spiritual and to heaven, but down leads to the underworld and the unconscious. Descent isn't always negative but in this case, these stairs speak of negativity and decay. It is interesting that when things are left unused they seem to decay and need repair more quickly than if they had been in constant use. Except for the Pyramids! Now they were well built.