Thursday, January 6, 2011

Temporary Toys

I thought I would start the New Year with a colourful image. These balloons are extremely popular with the children who visit the Piazza Navona and they are sold in vast number. Everything in play involves giving something of yourself up to the object. We invest and, in consequence, surrender something of our self which brings the object to life. Our libido achieves this, always moving outwards - and the game becomes a bridge between imagination and the real world. I sometimes wonder what happens to the balloons though. How many of them make it home? How many accidentally fly off to the sky accompanied by much wailing by the young owner? How many just deflate of their own accord? And how many suffer an unfortunate and sudden piercing and bursting? Perhaps the temporary nature of these objects is a development progression from the transitional object, like the teddy bear. That comprises a more or less permanent bridge between the child, mother and home for a substantial period of time. But this object shall certainly cease to be and the child, although disappointed, accommodates to loss. It is a rite of passage to reality. In the meantime of course it is demanded, appreciated and enjoyed by the child. And what a wonderful display of colour these toys make!