Saturday, February 26, 2011

Through the Big Fridge

For this photograph I was at the limit of what the camera could do and outside the limit that I was myself permitted. In the Museum of Cinema in Turin, one is not allowed to take photographs. If there is a better Museum of Cinema, then I haven't heard about it. This superb building, an old Jewish temple, (Mole Antonelliana) was reconstructed to house a stunning collection of film artefacts and there's lots to do for people of any age. You can kiss goodbye to an afternoon quite easily here. I liked the fun side of things. You can walk through the giant fridge under the giant chicken and emerge to yet another cinema screen. But of course for this blog it was the symbolic nature of food that I was thinking about. Now food is not of itself a symbol whereas various kinds of food residing in a fridge are indeed symbolic. The chicken or at least the cock is a solar symbol, heralding daybreak as it does. Milk is of fertility and plenty and so on. But the fridge made me think about food and the use of energy in the present day world. Useful as it is, it uses energy to keep things fresh for longer than their natural life. We buy food that has often been transported long distances. We freeze it and then quite often we later defrost it in a microwave oven. Then we heat it up. So there is an argument for choosing fresh food, locally produced and in season. Perhaps we wouldn't have to go through the fridge quite so often!