Saturday, February 5, 2011

Planning application (pour homme)

This is just another of these recession images and the centre has much potential for strange images of this kind. They would be amusing if the economic situation wasn't so bleak. Shops normally put up their shutters permanently but this one was a little different. I presume that the advertising had to run its course whilst the display of a new planning application was required. I guess what also struck me was the awkward position of the hand, almost as if it didn't belong to the man pictured here. The symbolism of the hand is extensive. It can represent action, domination or power but it can also indicate supplication or submission. In this image it reminds me of the way current politicians are taught to hold their hands They must not point apparently - or make finger-wagging gestures. What results is a certain distortion, which is no way a real indication of anything substantial. In Buddhism, the hand must not be closed because that indicates the hidden and secrecy. It is not an honest gesture. In psychoanalysis the hand can often be seen as synonymous with the eye. So in certain circumstances in dreams, the appearance of the hand can be interpreted as an eye - hands are use in communication and so are the eyes. The hand in the image does not seem to offer much honesty, does it? What are we being offered by the hand, the advertisement? What is being communicated? Something other than what we might at first imagine?