Saturday, February 26, 2011

Straight lines at the Bus Stop

Just a wet day at the bus stop, waiting for the right bus that seems to take a while. Taking a few photographs seemed like a good idea to fill in the time. Nor was I going to move from my seat into the damp street! This is what came out with a long lens and some ferreting around. There's an abandoned umbrella that had given up the ghost and I thought it looked interesting beside the lines. The yellows in particular seems to match, so a shallow depth of field and a focus on the umbrella was my choice. This image was certainly the best of the bunch. Yet in the end it was the lines and not the umbrella that were dominant. There are always lines around and usually they are boundaries or instructions. An instruction is implicitly a boundary of sort. Intellectual and moral rectitude says one dictionary of symbols - I suppose that is roughly correct. The furniture maker would not use a crooked line to make his artefacts! We wouldn't want to be crooked. We have to keep the right line, and of course always remember to stand behind the (yellow) line and certainly not not cross the line. In Freemasonry the plumb-line hangs from the arch to touch the ground. As in many philosophies, it joins heaven and earth - the Cosmic Axis. I am quite an admirer of Le Corbusier, who insisted that buildings should always be in the vertical plane. For him this was the "pliant symbol" of the vertical. I'm not so sure. These days it might very well be the pliant symbol of the horizontal and terrestrial.