Thursday, March 17, 2011


This is a much worked on photograph with a few errors that were, in the end, satisfactory. It reminded me of the sixties and seventies obsession with "high flat syndrome". That naturally only applied to the UK and was entirely ethnocentric. Many countries are perfectly OK with apartment blocks - or condominiums are they are sometimes called. If you live in a city, acknowledging the benefits rather than the drawbacks of high density, then you know that many facilities are available to you - including transport, leisure and health. Importantly they are close by. In Spain and some other countries, participation in an apartment block committee is compulsory. That's perfectly sensible you might think. yet it demands a sharing sensibility. It's where collective and individual needs must coincide. In Jungian psychology, the individual is often privileged over the collective. Some practitioners seem to feel that this is means the individual is always "better" than the collective. Yet as existentialist psychotherapists know, we don't have a choice about being social beings. Where individuals benefit from sharing there can be no argument. Both individual and collective values are valid.