Thursday, April 28, 2011

Echoes of Colour

This scene worked out well and that's not unusual because this corner generates many lovely images. One could just hang around and watch. It would always be rewarding. I loved the colours in the child's bike, which were rather reflected by the advertising and even again by the Dublin Bus colours in the background. These are sometimes called "echoes" in photography. So I think this blog is about the echo rather than colour. Nonetheless, colour is symbolically about universality and that rather suits the image too - with the older men talking behind the young couple with the child. Echo is not such a positive symbol though. Chained to a rock for a romantic infraction, Echo the nymph was condemned to become a person who could only repeat the last words she had heard. She is the symbol of regressivity and passivity. In other legends she was infatuated with Narcissus, but thwarted, she sought refuge in the caves and forests. Maybe we can hear her calling him in this image. The advertisement might fall neatly into the Narcissus category - calling to us and repeating what we like back to us - as advertising generally does. Advertising wants us to gaze at and fall in love with our own reflection. So that we buy things for the person we think we are and who we recognise in the advertising. Over the years I have become convinced that this is how it works. Narcissus is so obsessed, he doesn't hear Echo and so I rest my case. I'm not so sure about the bus. Its good to see the bus arrive!