Sunday, April 24, 2011

The Same but Different

Passing this street I thought how much it had changed and how little. It always looked a bit like this even though the only surviving feature is the railway bridge in the centre of the image. To my recollection, there was always a terrace of small houses with larger and grimmer buildings in the background. Perhaps the train has a different livery now. It's not a suburban train, because it's too long - and as I positioned myself for the photograph, the train kept moving through, carriage after carriage. A friend of mine used to refer to this street as "ugly street" and certainly it isn't very pretty. Yet it's full of visual interest on this occasion. The sunshine helps. I do remember that the founder of psycho synthesis, Roberto Assagioli, was clear on the question of things "always being the same". They are not of course. Although there has always been redevelopment, it takes place in different contexts where different relationships pertain. We have to be certain about what is different here and now - and most important of all, what it means for us.