Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Psychoanalysis - part of the Secret Service?

The visit of the US President was quite the thing in my neighbourhood. Apart from any parked cars mysteriously vanishing at 2 am! The President came and went and for the most part no-one caught a glimpse of him - unlike our experience of the Queen or His Holiness the Pope. But naturally, I couldn't let the event pass without a blog entry. I must say, it's not often I see someone from the Secret Service. That's because it's secret, I hear you say. Well, here's the man with the sign on his back and he looks the part, almost straight out of the movies. Secrecy is a big time symbol and a secret is very much a privilege of power. This image means that such a person shares in that power and partakes in the privileges thereof. The down side is that holding a secret causes a great deal of anxiety. Prometheus shared a secret with Zeus that was entrusted to him by Themus - but not before making Zeus suffer as much as he had. He was then released from his chains. That was a happy event for him, since Prometheus' liver was being clawed by vultures at the time and was not a happy fellow. Sharing a secret is good for the soul. Freedom comes from unburdening oneself of the terrible weight of guarding a secret. The excuse of those in power is like that of the alchemists. One shouldn't reveal a secret to those who would misuse or abuse it. With secrets come domination and a sense of superiority. So at very many levels, unburdening is one thing that can be of immediate benefit for someone participating in psychoanalysis