Thursday, June 9, 2011

Summer shower

It doesn't feel much like the summer. It's chilly for June. Yet someone said to me that it was brilliant weather. I probed a bit and I discovered that he meant it wasn't raining and hence the weather was OK. I was irritated when I was caught in a heavy downpour. The sun had been shining and it looked settled - but that can easily change in Dublin. So I ducked into a doorway and took my camera out. It took several shots to get something that appealed to me. I counted the number of people in the picture and there are eight, not counting the person who's arm alone got into the shot. The reflections were wonderful and I particularly liked the trailing red streaks made by the traffic lights in the wet asphalt. They look impossible don't they? But that's what they were like for a brief instant. The rain disappeared in an instant too, so its a bit of bad luck that I and my eight subjects got caught in the rain. I am always saying that we can't control everything. Not everything can be in the hands of the individual. We might have been born in the Saharan region and many are. But most were not born there. We are thrown into the world without choice and that we have to accept. What we do after that, as individuals, is something we are able to work on. Definitely you could find out more at