Friday, September 30, 2011

Going to the Dogs (and Under the Weather)

If you feel like this, then things are getting you down. This was a day to stay in the house really. If it's dull and dismal for any length of time it can be draining. We all have these moments and often it's accompanied by feelings of despair. Jungians believe that depression is caused by a particular relationship between the ego and the self. In the first stage of life this is generally positive and possibly inflated because the ego experiences itself as at the centre of consciousness. But in mid life, feelings of disconnection are common. Men in particular have feelings of disappointment about the recognition they failed to achieve, the friends they don't have, the status and power that did not come. And last - but hardly least - they may mourn the money and material goods they failed to gather. In mid life, the persona of youth cracks to pieces and it may be replaced by hopelessness and depression. One day, a message was left on my mobile phone from someone who wanted to see me for psychotherapy. I called the number back and was surprised that the message came from Shelbourne Stadium. I may never know who it was, but I wondered whether they felt they had literally "gone to the dogs". If you have feelings of depression, it's a good idea to speak to someone and there's more about that on my professional web site.