Friday, October 7, 2011

Donnybrook Shopping

It was a lovely Autumn day and the sun obliged by lighting this corner of Donnybrook. As I've mentioned before, the blighting by an awkward planning application caused many shops to close - two banks, grocery stores, a gym, a video store, a pharmacy, a dry cleaners - the list goes on. This end of the street is like chicane - it's not a good place to try and cross the road. The road narrows to an S-bend that would be the pride of Mondello Park and you have to "throw a double six" to make it safely. The Donnybrook History Society tells of a time when people jumped on and off the bus at just this point where traffic used to have to slow down. No longer! Yet in 20 years, these shops have remained exactly the same. The only thing to change is the ethnicity of the restaurant that tops the pub. So what is it about change? We seem to want change and then we complain when the old things have disappeared. Things were always better in the old days! The old 24 hour video store is no longer, a victim of changing technology. Now you can download an movie in the comfort of your home. But change inevitably means loss. When a client enters psychotherapy they are giving up old ways and adopting new ones. It's hard because old ways are familiar and comforting. But if you want to take the plunge and abandon old unwanted ways of being, have a look at my psychotherapy web site. There just might be something there for you and its much easier than getting across the road in Donnybrook.