Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Pluto Park Revisited

You may well ask, "what is this structure?" I asked the same question, but could not find an answer. I can tell you what happens there now, but its intended purpose I don't know. I thought that it might be a building constructed for the Winter Olympics. It's a part of the environmental park in Turin - the one I call Pluto Park. This is an enormous canopy - enough to cover an area the size of a couple of football pitches. Apart from the pleasure of strolling around the walkways, there are usually children happily playing team games under the roof. It rather resembles an enormous metal tent because there's very little to the sides, only the big canopy with it's geometric shape. I would describe the structure as an awning which of course takes us into symbolic territory. Traditionally, the King grants a subject the honour of a covering, an honour because the awning or canopy comes straight from Heaven. It represnts rank and power - from the King who is at the Centre of the World. This awning is more square than round so it relates to Earth rather than Heaven. However the stairs and the stepped roof seem to indicate a more heavenly path. Anyone can walk up the walkways or use the many lifts and although it wasn't quite completed when I visited. I always enjoyed walking there.