Sunday, November 13, 2011

Moon on the Wall

I found this in the back streets near Dublin's Grand Canal. I was despairing of an interesting image, but the more run-down parts of the city presented me with a few opportunities. It's a funny depiction of a quarter moon with the traditional face - and I did laugh when I saw it. We always talk of moonlight but the moon has no light of its own and only reflects the light of the sun. It's operating on borrowed light! But for me, the moon is about the passage of time. It has very regular phases that let me know how much time has gone by, in a way that a calendar never can. And of course the moon "dies". It disappears for three days in a lunar month and to many cultures this represent the passage between life and death. As readers will be aware, I became very interested in rabbits and culture, so I know the Aztecs associate the rabbit with the moon. For Aztecs, the moon was a crescent-shaped water container with the silhouette of a rabbit sitting on top. I've mentioned the 400 rabbits of the Aztecs previously and in this case, the rabbit is a harvest symbol. They believed that their 400 rabbit gods were completely and permanently drunk. Now it could just be that this graffiti was painted by some drunken rabbit who was hopping out at all hours of the night. I like to imagine it was!