Tuesday, January 24, 2012

All the Gods need a Blue Sky

This is the Pantheon dome in Rome.  "He does like his domes," readers might observe, and that would be true. With this one I didn't like the white sky at the centre. I wanted to see the heavens and I guess that for me the heavens are blue. But I have a collection of skies that I shot in Herbert Park in Dublin and I replaced the white with a sky I liked. The blue colour spill on the dome is original though - and it could just be "noise". The camera couldn't cope with the speed I asked for and produced some interference. So I played with the image a bit and I did get rid of it, but I put it back because the picture looked better. The Pantheon is one of these places that you really have to see. Yet it's hardly original in its present form, having been modified and built upon since Agrippa dedicated it to all the Gods. That was some time before Hadrian rebuilt it in AD126. The dome is the same since then and it is speculated that the dome is the reason for the name "Pantheon",  since it resembles the heavens and as such, "All the Gods". Such a dome requires a blue sky. It would be disrespectful to have anything different. And that does remind me of a clich√© that for a while replaced "brain storming". "Lets blue sky it," management people said for a while. It meant "thinking without preconceptions" and admitted no pessimism. But in real life, just as in my original Pantheon photograph, we don't always have the luxury of a blue sky. Not even in Herbert Park.