Thursday, January 5, 2012

Rome on a Clear Day

It's not so often you have such a clear day in Rome, with no pollution obscuring the mountains. It's a fabulous sight. This photograph is taken from the Gianicolo Hill which can be reached easily from the Vatican. You can walk up there if you have the energy. But it's a steep enough climb, so luckily there are plenty of buses. I was looking down at all the places and wondering how long it would take to explore everything in the Eternal City. A lifetime maybe? I also thought that it would be difficult to take a poor photograph from this location! Most tourists explore the famous sites that you can see here, but if you track back through the extensive parkland (much of which used to belong to the Vatican) that extends for many square kilometres, there's interesting places a visitor might miss. Rome is built on hills so there are even tiny farms very close to the centre. I found one as little as a kilometer from the busy roads around the Vatican. There's been human habitation here for around 14,000 years and its worthwhile speculating what it looked like then. I'm sure it looked well.