Monday, March 12, 2012

God of Weather and Powerscourt

I confess that my original photo featured such a dull grey sky I had to pull in something with colour. A grey statue on grey sky just didn't work. My partner complained that her photographs were all "flat", but I looked around and saw that the whole scene was, in reality, woefully flat. Without shadow, there is minimal relief and things start to look two-dimensional. We photographers scuttled underneath that uniform, leaden sky like disordered vampires. Then, having completed the shot I thought nothing more of the weather until I came to give the image some work. So who is the figure in the statue? The leaflets and web site of Powerscourt Gardens are of little help so I speculate that this might be the winged Nike or even Apollo - given the laurel wreath. Perhaps this is the way of Gods, to look similar and fool us all. Gods constitute a symbol, so lets consider the matter! Gods are manifestations of the Absolute even if polytheistic societies gave individuality to each one. Gods are supernatural beings conceived as omnipotent. They are somehow perfect, even if they misbehave as much as the Greek ones. It is people who create Gods and subsequently endow them with a knowledge of their own making. I do like the Greek Gods though, because they have the whims and faults of ordinary people. And of course, they interfere outrageously with human beings. Perhaps this God could interfere with the weather on my behalf, the next time I visit Powerscourt Gardens.