Sunday, April 8, 2012

Foot on the Ground

This is something of a departure for the blog. It's the first published shot, made with my new emergency camera. I say emergency because I have a horror of my SLR not working, so I took the plunge and bought a compact camera. I must say, compacts have improved because this is shot entirely in automatic mode since I'm testing the features. I found myself literally "going over old ground" so this is a Raglan Road find to add to the many over the years. Who abandoned a single shoe on a Saturday night? Where's the other shoe?  I have touched on symbolism and shoes before, but I feel that since shoes are the contact between ourselves and the ground, they are one of the most important and enduring symbols I know. How often in psychotherapy do we talk of being "grounded"? Do we have our feet on the ground is a question we ask ourselves when we worry about being in touch with reality. In this case, only one foot was on the ground and by the same token, one Saturday night foot was removed from reality. That's how you lose your shoe! I am fond of saying that in order to take good photographs of any area you must first walk the ground. Travel by car, bike, boat or any other from of transport just won't do. You need your feet on the ground. Both of them.