Tuesday, May 15, 2012

At the Lights

I was headed to see my own psychotherapist, when I passed the traffic lights and saw this man at work. In a past life I used to have small specialism in such pictures of people at work. In general we just expect things to work normally as normal - and we seldom notice the people who perform maintenance. We do notice when the lights don't work though! Then we complain bitterly, especially of there's a policeman temporarily directing the traffic. That single officer can't possibly imitate the sequence of computerised systems and jams often occur! What about the light though? Without the light there would be darkness. Earth appoints the darkness and heaven the light, states Master Eckhart. Light is associated with ascension and euphoria whereas darkness is all about depression and anxiety. Without traffic lights thought, there could be chaos and that is a state of existence that we don't like to acknowledge. Chaos precedes creation and in psychoanalysis it precedes even the unconscious. Shapeless and ultimately passive, it could be also be said of that old traffic gridlock.