Thursday, May 17, 2012

Sign of Four on the Beach

This is one from the archives and was a quick scan of a print. But somehow it always hangs around and peeps out to haunt me. These were the actual colours and this was a colour print, although it looks sepia. It reminds me of difficult photography in a lovely windswept place, where even a tripod was unstable. Norfolk is one of my favourite English counties. Peter Greenaway uses it frequently for film locations and I can see why. The landscape and the sea lend the place a sense of otherness that is haunting. The people have assembled into what might be called an echo in photography. The two people in the foreground make the echo further out on the beach. But together they make four and that is symbolically interesting. Four has been around as a symbol since prehistory as something particularly solid. Later it was associated with the square and of course, the cross. The list of fours is long, corners of the earth, four winds, four seasons and so on. If you're a Star Trek fan , you may recall the division of the known galaxies into quadrants. Four is universal and may also refer to completion. Jung believed the archetypal basis of the human psyche was a quaternity composed of thought, feeling, intuition and sensation. Now that is a matter for a whole series of blogs