Sunday, June 17, 2012

Dreaming On Track

Shopping Centres are often interesting for vantage points and if there's a special exhibition, I find that shoppers do arrange themselves in particular ways that are worth a second look. The Scalextric racing circuit was very popular on a dull, showery Saturday - although it seems that exhibitors have as much success at keeping model cars on track as I did in my youth. There is no particular symbolism that relates directly to a racetrack although perhaps there should be more recognition of such an enduring structure. It is of course a container which creates boundaries to a race. The race is a kind of game in which rivalries are channeled into an activity that offers civic involvement and diverts otherwise unproductive conflict. This we've dealt with in earlier blogs, but there is certainty to a racetrack, because there isn't much doubt about where we finish. The return to the start means the completion of a circuit - a complete voyage of setting out, adventure and endurance then return. Who comes first is another matter and depends on both the vehicle and the driver. If you dream about race cars consider whether you're in control of your vehicle. It's a single purpose vehicle built for speed and manouvreability and so the meaning will be quite different compared to driving a saloon car along the public highway. Are you in control or do you crash into anything? In the latter case something may be inhibiting your personal development. But winning a race might indicate some transformative development in your psychological life. Now I quite feel like buying a Scalextric kit again!