Monday, June 11, 2012

Transformation Beer

This is a chance shot, that in different times would have been an "end of the roll" shot - to use up the remainder of the roll and get it off to the processor. Very often, this resulted in the best shot of the roll, and so it was in this case. I merely put the small camera at the top of the glass and let it do whatever it wanted. It was pleasing, yet the colour wasn't right. The fabulous Virtual Photographer programme which is one of the best free things on the Web, took care of the rest. The photo filter is called Velvita, no doubt named after that fine oldFuji transparency film, Velvia. But what of beer as a symbol? I think this is ground I covered before, but it's worth a second look. Beer is ancient and dates from neolithic times. But the ancient Egyptians were awfully keen on this kind of fermented drink. It's supposed that German and Celtic tribes spread it through Europe. Although the Romans disapproved of the beer swilling antics of these particular tribes, they brewed their own beer in northern outposts, where wine was difficult to obtain. But whatever the origins, drinking beer was always a rite of passage. From banana beer in Rwanda to chica beer in the Amazon and even heather beer in Scotland, fermentation involves the transformation of substances. And the effervescence of knowledge enables the spirit to surmount limitations. Much beer will be consumed during European football this month so perhaps it's a substitute for supporters to surmount the limitations of their particular team!