Monday, July 30, 2012

Palace Pool

This is a scene I was drawn to, but the photograph was difficult. It already looked impressionist and getting something suitable proved hard work, but it was well worthwhile. This is in the Palazzo Madama is in the heart of Turin, a favourite city of mine - and the palace itself is well worthy of a visit. You could certainly devote most of a day to exploring the galleries and towers.  But the best part is the garden and most visitors seem to miss that or give it a miss. Which was good news for me, because I had the place to myself. I stayed a long time in the gardens, a little oasis of tranquility. The pool has many symbolic connotations, but in this case pot and water are associated with the womb. This is a very active manifestation of water though, all about cleansing, procreation and ultimately life. There is something of the sun here too. It was a hot, cloudless day and the sun was merciless. Yet here it is beautifully dispersed, bringing a freshness to the lovely garden. Light does something with water that is friendly and that's how the picture makes me feel.