Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Closely Observed Duck

We’ve talked of ducks before, but there are always ducks to photograph. I came upon this one having a quiet nap beside the canal. It was so asleep that I was able to creep up on it and get very close with the small camera. I never realised how nice duck markings were. What a wonderful design it is and probably rather good camouflage. Now ducks, as we have already seen, are not quoted in Celtic folklore but are very important to American Plains Indians as symbolic guides. They fall into the same category as swans, cranes, herons and geese and for the Celtic world, amphibious birds are like messengers who bridge this world and the Otherworld. If you dream of a bird, then probably it’s saying something about your personality and what that contributes to your current situation. If you dream of a duck, then consider what it might be like to be one.  What parts of you are similar to a duck?  Ducks are seen mainly on the water, but groups of ducks do fly in formation as geese do, changing direction rapidly and seemingly without need for communication.  So if you dream of flying with ducks, perhaps you feel you need to change direction. You may be wondering how to communicate your message to others effortlessly and without disruption.