Monday, October 8, 2012

Artificial Falls

I seem to have a thing about water at present. Perhaps I am drawn to artificial urban water. This is about the nicest waterfall you can encounter within and around Dublin, but it's totally constructed and "unnatural". Yet the roar of the water as it drops is satisfying and we can all relax in the knowledge that it's the same water being pumped around and around. It has energy nonetheless and in the onset of winter we could all use some of that automatic repetitive force. In a natural environment, a waterfall would gradually wear away the surrounding rocks and in the prescientific mind this amounted to dissolving of matter. Of course, the continual pounding of dropping water doesn't "dissolve" rock - but there is inevitably a kind of union between water and earth. The waterfall is composed of a steady, never-ending flow. If we visit these falls and then return some time later, the water will continue to look pretty much the same and so will the rocks. Yet in the interim the water does, without interruption, force its will on the rocks below. The traditional explanation for waterfalls in dreams is one of purification, but I feel it is more about duration and the inexorable passage of life. Perhaps the dreamer feels worn out by time.