Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Unut, Rabbit Goddess

Unut, the Egyptian Rabbit Goddess is presented here as a work under construction - a bit like the real Unut of ancient times.  The Wabbit adventures often feature Unut and the project demanded a character that could be moved. This represents a transitional stage in design. A photograph was taken using a camera phone and by accident a striking image emerged that was a long way from the finished article, but quite beautiful. Unut was originally in the form of a snake and was often pictured with Thoth who took on the shape of a baboon. Unut was worshipped in Hermopolis, named for Hermes, the Greek God - and Thoth is the Hermes equivalent. Only one archaeological representation of Unut was located. That was in 1909 and nothing of Unut has been discovered since. So this is our contribution to Unut folklore. Rabbits of course are symbols of fecundity and fertility but also have a reputation as tricksters and shape shifters. We give you Unut the Swift One!
[photo and artwork: Camilla Galli da Bino]