Wednesday, January 2, 2013

All about Balance

The roundabout or carousel is usually the province of fairgrounds but this one seemed to have escaped!  It was on the banks of the Tiber, near the Palace of Justice. It's rather a nice example, so I paused to take a wide angle photo on the basis it would look a bit wild against the architecture of the buildings. It reminded me of childhood and the atmosphere of fairgrounds, which should be exciting and dangerous and other-worldly. Fairgrounds are usually temporary. They come and go - and that transitory state is exciting for the young. Children can find impermanence threatening, but the fairground provides a relatively safe container for these feelings. Children like the dizzying motion of rides  especially when they stagger off-balance afterwards. "Swings and roundabouts" is a relatively recent expression describing the futility of winning and losing. It's always about balance. The up and down of the swings is somehow balanced by the circular movement of the roundabout. I don't think about that one too much, because it makes my head spin! Yet the Buddhist notion of continuity, of birth and rebirth, springs to mind. I avoid the more aggressive fairground rides these days but this one looks gentle. Dreaming of fairground rides is another matter and depends on how you felt in the dream. Was it fun? Were you dizzy? Were you losing your grip? A vast territory for the dream analyst!